Arbitrary ARP spoofing daemon

Edit 2015-11-16: I finally fixed this to work with current SCAPY. The latest code is available in my source archive.

Edit 2012-03-07: This no longer works with the latest release of SCAPY. I will provide a patched version "soon".

This package is a hack I put together to provide a modern replacement to arpcatch. From the README:

arpitraryd by Michael Fincham  

This program re-implements the functionality of the ancient "arpcatch" daemon 
that's only available still in (some older?) releases of OpenBSD 
e.g <>

The configuration file format is thus:

	iface=eth0 # the interface to listen on. will be put in to promiscuous 
		   # mode by SCAPY

	[mappings] # define your mappings here in the 
	.....			    # form IP=MAC 

It's been running for several months on a small LAN (~100 machines) which had 
previously been served by an OpenBSD box running arpcatch.  Nothing has exploded 
yet, but you run this code at your own risk. This package is released in to 
the public domain.

This package depends on SCAPY <>.
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